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Unlock your full potential with the ultimate trio of Oola Mind, Oola Body, and Oola Connection. Experience the power of a synergistic blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and probiotics, working together to enhance your cognitive function, support physical vitality, and promote emotional well-being. Elevate your mind, body, and soul with this transformative combination, and step into a life of optimal balance, growth and purpose.

What you get

  • Oola Mind is a proprietary Mind + Body Lab Certified formula that includes essential brain-healthy multivitamins and minerals, seven powerful nootropics (brain food), and a Mind Blend of green tea extract and L-DMAE bitartrate. This innovative three-layer combination supports mood, cognition, and mindfulness so that you can live your best life.
  • Oola Body is an advanced Mind + Body Lab-certified formula specifically designed to help your body reach its optimal performance. It contains essential multivitamins and minerals, seven powerful adaptogens, and a unique Body Blend of L-theanine, resveratrol, and black pepper extract. This unique three-layer combination helps to energize and nourish your body, allowing you to make the most of your life.
  • Oola Connection is a powerful probiotic in a convenient single-serve packet that can help relieve occasional stress, reduce mild anxiety, promote positive mood and emotional well-being, while achieving a state of relaxation. With its powerful combination of 10 Billion CFU and 12 different bacterial strains, it's designed to help you unlock the power of the gut-brain axis, providing optimal support for your overall wellness. With zero sugar, Oola Connection is the perfect addition to your daily routine, making it easy to consume on the go and ensuring that you're always taking care of your overall health and well-being.


What are the benefits?

Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

Double packed with essential high potency multivitamins and minerals to ensure optimum brain and body health and performance. This combination provides powerful nutrition to support healthy neurological functioning and mental clarity all while supporting healthy cell growth and providing your mind and body with important defenses against free radical damage.*

The Mind and Body Blend

Enjoy the added benefits of this powerful duo! Oola Body and Oola Mind provide a potent blend of antioxidants in the form of Resveratrol and L-theanine to support healthy cell growth, function, and a healthy response to occasional stress. Additionally, Oola Mind contains caffeine from green tea extract and L-DMAE bitartrate combination to give the extra advantage of boosting cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.*

Botanical Nootropic 7 and Adaptogen 7  Matrix

Discover the power of seven natural nootropics and seven natural adaptogens including bacopa, lion's mane, rhodiola, holy basil, chaga, ashwagandha, and maca root to promote mental clarity, support cognitive function and brain performance, and optimize your body's ability to deal more efficiently with the effects of occasional stress so you can experience life to the fullest.