Miracle Mindset


Most people go through life blocking miracles every single day. The biggest challenge is that most of the time these are subconscious blocks that people are completely unaware of. By learning to identify the blocks, you can make very simple, yet powerful, shifts that will instantly unlock miracles in your life. These “unlockers” are designed to be experienced on a daily basis to welcome in an abundance of miracles!



You may feel like most days you are just going through the motions. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, stressed or like you are carrying the weight of the world? Or maybe you are excelling in one or two areas of life, but feel like you just cannot get ahead in another area? The Miracle Mindset will customize your current experience and provide you specific miracle lessons and “unlockers” to help you experience miracle shifts that specifically apply to your current lifestyle.



Over the next 21 days, we will explore what is keeping you stuck and teach you how to unlock the miracles instead. This program is designed to be delivered in small, digestible lessons which will build a strong foundation for change and shifts in your life. Each lesson brings a new awareness and invites a small shift that you can apply immediately. The Miracle Mindset will unlock miracles in your personal life, professional life, relationships and finances. After 21 days, you will find your passion, your dreams will be ignited, your happiness rising off the charts, and your life never the same again... in the best possible way. The Miracle Mindset is waiting, and your time is now.

Custom Modules
of training


Module 1: Waking Up

Module 12: React and Respond

Module 2: Morning Rituals

Module 13: Miracle Movers

Module 3: Recharge

Module 14: Vision Clarity

Module 4: Growing Gratitude

Module 15: Future Visioning

Module 5: Reset

Module 16: Relax Into Results

Module 6: Breaking Free

Module 17: Celebrate

Module 7: The 100 Stretch

Module 18: Focus Your Failure

Module 8: In My Favor

Module 19: Environment

Module 9: Wink From The Universe

Module 20: Core Brilliance

Module 10: Removing Roadblocks

Module 21: Against All Odds

Module 11: Cast of Characters