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Formulated to work together for complete and essential Mind and Body wellness from the inside out. The benefits of taking Oola Mind and Oola Body together can’t be overstated. Combining Mind and Body can help provide a simple, well-rounded approach to staying healthy and energized. This high potency and effective combination can help give your mind and body the nutrients it needs to function optimally, while also supporting healthier stress levels, enhanced concentration, mental clarity and focus. When taken together, these supplements provide an all-in-one health and energy boost.

What it does

  • Supports healthy function of brain cells, neurons, and nerve cells to help with speed and accuracy of information processing and supports memory.*
  • Promotes proper collagen synthesis, helping maintain healthy veins and arteries, muscles, cartilage, tendons, bones, teeth, and skin while promoting balance in the body.*
  • Supports a healthy response to occasional stress.*


How it works

  • Layer 1: The combination of Oola Mind and Body is high in antioxidants and additional multivitamins and minerals that are essential for supporting overall body function and healthy brain activity and neurologic function.*
  • Layer 2: Incorporated nutrients support healthy cell growth as well as proper function of muscles, cardiovascular systems, and the immune system as well as promotes cognitive function and clarity.*
  • Layer 3: Unlock the potential of seven Nootropics and seven Adaptogens to maximize general health and promote healthy aging by preserving the structure of cellular DNA. These components help to strengthen the immune system, sharpen mental focus, and improve cognitive abilities and brain performance.*


Suggested Use

  • Take two Oola Mind tablets with your first meal of the day.

  • Take two Oola Body tablets with your last meal of the day.


Gluten free. Dairy free. Soy free. Vegan. Non GMO.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What are the benefits?

Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

Double packed with essential high potency multivitamins and minerals to ensure optimum brain and body health and performance. This combination provides powerful nutrition to support healthy neurological functioning and mental clarity all while supporting healthy cell growth and providing your mind and body with important defenses against free radical damage.*

The Mind and Body Blend

Enjoy the added benefits of this powerful duo! Oola Body and Oola Mind provide a potent blend of antioxidants in the form of Resveratrol and L-theanine to support healthy cell growth, function, and a healthy response to occasional stress. Additionally, Oola Mind contains caffeine from green tea extract and L-DMAE bitartrate combination to give the extra advantage of boosting cognitive function, memory, and overall brain health.*

Botanical Nootropic 7 and Adaptogen 7  Matrix

Discover the power of seven natural nootropics and seven natural adaptogens including bacopa, lion's mane, rhodiola, holy basil, chaga, ashwagandha, and maca root to promote mental clarity, support cognitive function and brain performance, and optimize your body's ability to deal more efficiently with the effects of occasional stress so you can experience life to the fullest.