Who Are You?

Know You. Be You. Grow You.™

Do you really know yourself as well as you think you do? What if what you think you know is wrong? When you don’t know exactly who you are, you’ll be left wondering and wandering through life with lackluster results, mediocre relationships, and unfulfilled dreams.

This program gives you access to The ProScan® Survey — the most statistically accurate and dynamic personality survey on the planet. Upon completing the survey, you will receive a detailed comprehensive report and a personalized course based on your results taught by personality expert Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP.



Most personality tests label you as a type, number, or color which is far too narrow and simplistic. You are “one of one.” There’s never been anyone exactly like you and there never will be. The ProScan® stands alone in its capacity to identify the complex multi-dimensional nature of your personality. Believe it or not, your one-of-a-kind ProScan® profile is derived from over 148,000 possible trait combinations! And you can trust your results with absolute certainty. It has been taken by over 5 million people over 40 years with 96% statistical accuracy!



Once you know yourself, you need to BE yourself! Becca will teach you how to BE YOU in every area of life based on your ProScan® Report. As she guides you through your profile, you will feel a newfound sense of dignity and self-respect, understand how to leverage your strengths in everything you do, identify the surest path to your goals, and recognize how to focus your time and energy into the specific actions that will magnify your impact!



While you should be you most of the time, there will be times when you need to adapt your personality to serve others and accomplish tasks outside of your natural strengths. It will feel unnatural and be uncomfortable, but it will be worth it. Your relationships will flourish, you will achieve more than ever before, and will grow into the kind of person you want to become!


Becca Johnson, MS, CDMP is the founder and CEO of Rooted You™.  An expert in optimizing personal and professional performance, Becca provides consulting services for corporate leadership teams, educators, employees, CEO’s, athletic organizations, and aspiring and established entrepreneurs through virtual and live experiences.

As a Certified DynaMetrics Program Professional (CDMP), Becca uses a research-based personality and performance assessment tool, The PDP ProScan®, to identify a person’s innate strengths of personality and real-time functionality within their current life environments. The results from this assessment then provide a highly individualized framework for educating, equipping, and empowering her clients with customized personal growth strategies that maximize their professional performance and personal fulfillment. This trademarked process creates mental and emotional breakthroughs that are then linked with specific practical strategies and tactics to launch people from average to elite and surviving to thriving.

A sought after speaker and trainer for businesses and groups, Becca also enjoys traveling the globe teaching and training individuals and teams to dynamically develop and more effectively harness and enhance their unique talents and strengths. She has guided countless individuals and organizations to increased morale, fulfillment, and bottom line results.

Custom Modules
of training


Module 1: Experience of a Lifetime

Module 10: Your Logic

Module 2: Your Personalized Path

Module 11: Your Energy Style

Module 3: The Power of the ProScan®

Module 12: Your Kinetic Energy Level

Module 4: Your Uniqueness

Module 13: Your Communication Style

Module 5: Your Dominance

Module 14: Your Leadership Style

Module 6: Your Extroversion

Module 15: Your Backup Style

Module 7: Your Pace

Module 16: Your Motivators and Demotivators

Module 8: Your Conformity

Module 17: The Brilliance of You!

Module 9: Your Trait Pairs






This is the BEST content I have seen out there! It’s clear, concise, and foundational. Listen and learn from Becca’s insights and experience and become rooted!

- Laurie | Spokane

This course changed my life. Nothing compares to Who Are You? I can’t explain it…you’ll just have to check out the course for yourself! Becca is amazing and you will learn so much about yourself!

- Stacie | Boise

I have never before felt so complete, grounded, and fearless. In a world where so many feel disconnected from others and themselves, Becca’s message of becoming rooted in who you are is needed now more than ever.

- Suzanne | Bozeman