Oola Green Gap

Your Path to Financial Freedom

The Oola Green Gap program will meet you where you are financially and provide personalized content to help get you started on your path to financial freedom.

Years ago, Dr. Troy Amdahl (Co-founder of the Oola Lifestyle Framework) developed the Oola Green Gap strategy to dig himself out of $755,000 in debt: from student loans, a hefty mortgage, and the loans he took out to start his medical practice.

He and his wife didn't want to continually live under the heavy weight of debt, so he developed a unique debt reduction, plus steady investing, financial strategy you won’t read about anywhere else: the Green Gap.

It worked so well that Dr. Troy actually retired at age 42 to the lifestyle of his dreams and has created a program outlining each of these financial principles in detail.

Reduce debt, invest in your future, and have fun along the way. The Oola Green Gap program will meet you where you are financially and provide personalized content to help get you started on your path to financial freedom.

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How the Green Gap formula Brings Balance to your life

Imagine having control of your finances. Feel the stress lift, month after month, as your debt is decreasing. Gain security as you watch your investments grow. All while giving yourself permission to have some fun spending along the way.

No more worrying. No more fighting. No more debt!

How would that change your life? 

You would be free of financial stress . . . have more options for your career and your future . . . easily pay your bills . . . and, without all the fighting about money, you’d probably enjoy a better relationship, too. Now think about investing for the future at the same time you’re eliminating debt. Instead of worrying about an unexpected car repair, medical expense or job loss, you’d have an emergency fund to take care of that all while building a comfortable retirement . . . and, eventually, experience real wealth.

Is this kind of financial peace of mind actually possible? Yes!

In fact, the Oola Green Gap program is specifically created to bring balance to your personal finances. You’ll develop a path to financial well-being that’s simple, effective and achievable. Plus, with the Oola Green Gap, it's not only just about ridding your life of debt and investing for your future, but having fun along the way is built right in.

Oola Green Gap Success!

"Before Discovering The Oola Green Gap, I Was Overwhelmed With My Finances. Finally, After Paying Off $45,000 In Debt In Just 10 Months, I Feel In Control Of My Financial Future."

Gwen S, New Hampshire

"My Entire Life I Struggled With Money. We Always Seemed To Have Enough Money Coming In, But There Was Never Anything Left At The End Of The Month. With Oola, In Just 22 Months, We Paid Off $23,000 In Credit Card Debt, $6,000 In Medical Bills, And The Last $36,000 On Our House. Thanks To The Oola Green Gap We Are Completely Debt Free, House And All!"

Debbie L, Nebraska

"After My Husband Passed, As A Single Mom, I Struggled Financially. After Using The Green Gap Formula, I Have Transformed Into A Money Machine! When Money Comes In, I Know Exactly What To Do With It. The Green Gap Has Freed Me And Has Given Me Financial Confidence To Reach My Goals And Live Life On My Terms."

Zahara K, Calgary AB, Canada